Dear Friends,

As a real perigordian, and eager to serve my region, I invite you to discover the best of its gastronomy.
Settled in St Astier, in the heart of the Perigord, REAL PERIGORD is a small and young commited company which caters to all gourmets and lovers of our terroir.

As a privileged partner of local producers or neighbours, , we want our specialities to combine new trends and traditions.
That why you find to your great delight the anciant flavours in our selection of fine pâtés, rillettes and confits.

The origin and the quality of our duck foies gras are guaranted. All of them benefit from the PGI : (Protected Geographic Indications) Perigord.
Thanks to its logo , you are sure that the duck has been breed, fed, cooked and packaged in the Perigord.

For the news products seekers, we offer now a new range of exclusive and friendly goods for the aperitif. Genuine recipes of rillettes, « toastinades » such as fig – gingerbread, onions and nuts confit, cheese goat with honey, roquefort cheese with cumin, garlic, chives and red fruits….And a lot more to enjoy !
Be sure to share thrills and unexpected tastes for the pleasure of your relatives, colleagues or customers, or our own.

You will find our products in sets or gourmet gift baskets.
The quality and autenticity can be found on our cakes, chocolates, wine … and the right price !
And if by chance, you come to visit our shop in St Astier, ,be sure to find a warm welcome throughout the year.

Best Regards,

et son équipe

Magasin et show-room - CE - Collectivités : Boulevard Mallebay à Saint Astier